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2nd GNLU Essay Competition on Law and Society in India, 2017

The Centre for Law Society, Gujarat National Law University is organizing the 2nd edition of the GNLU Essay Competition on Law and Society, a national-level essay competition, in collaboration with the Chambers of Ratan K. Singh and under the able guidance of Prof. Upendra Baxi.
The theme of the competition is Toward Empowering the Indian Woman: Legal Reforms and Implementation.
The following sub-themes have been identified as requiring academic consideration in the Indian context:
  1.             One Step into a Temple, a Giant Leap for Womankind?: Women’s Right to Enter Places of Worship.
  2.                 Changing Tides of Indian Surrogacy Laws: Miscarriage of Law?
  3.                  Balancing Work and Motherhood: Desultory Reforms?
  4.                 Lifting the Veil: Muslim Women and Personal Laws.
  5.                 Welfare Schemes for Women in India: A Paper Tiger?
  6.                 Women’s Ease of Doing Business: Evaluation of Sexual Harassment Prevention Laws in India.
  7.                 Mediation as a Panacea for Women.
Category: Law Students
·         1st Prize – INR 15,000/ Internship at Luthra & Luthra Law Offices
·         2nd Prize – INR 7,500/ Internship at Aarna Law Advocates
·         3rd Prize – INR 2,500/ Internship at LawLex
Category: Non-law Students
·         1st Prize – INR 15, 000/ Internship at Centre for Social Research
·         2nd Prize – INR 7, 500/ Internship at ActionAid
·         3rd Prize – INR 2, 500/ Internship at Centre for Social Justice
The aforementioned winners and the authors of best entries under each sub-theme will be offered a Certificate Course by Enhelion on “Preventing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace”.
Additionally, Certificates of Participation will be issued to all participants and winners.
Eligibility: The competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in any discipline in a recognized University/ College/ Institute in India. Co-authorship by a maximum of 2 students is permitted.
Word Limit:  3000 – 5000 words, not including footnotes.
Submission Deadline:  April 16, 2017

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